Monday, November 2, 2009


Jackson Academy had their Fall Carnival and the kids all dressed up. Wiggy was Muscle Man and he played with his best friend from school. Conner Beth also dressed up - but this was a double costume - she and her best friend actually went as "best friends". The hit of the entire evening though was Colonel, our bulldog. He was loved on by everyone. He wore a halloween collar and had his picture taken by a ton of folks. He is so sweet and was the perfect addition to our Halloween fun.

Mercy Me - Conner Beth is 11

For Conner Beth's 11th birthday, she had the idea of inviting the girls in her class over to go to the Mercy Me, Christian rock concert, and then back to our house for a sleepover. Our house was filled with silly giggling, too much sugar, and lots of fun.

5th Grade Cheerleading

Conner Beth is on the Navy Cheer Squad! The 5th and 6th graders are divided onto team for football and cheerleading. We've played for about 6 weeks and they have had a lot of fun.

Wiggy's 1st Shiner

William got his first black eye - at school, on the slide - his eye fell onto his friend's knee. He was really tough...and even though Dad came down to the preschool to check on him, he didn't want to go home! We took some cute "redneck" pictures - in case this is the only one he ever has. :)

RCSD Foundation Golf Tournament

The Rankin County School District Foundation had its first charity golf tournament. Conner Beth was invited to join my friend's husband, Luke McAlpin, as part of his four-man team. She had an absolutely wonderful time - and had a great round of golf! She was most excited that for the better half of the day, she was closest to the hole on a par 3 which had a prize of winning a car for a hole in one.