Friday, August 22, 2008

Wiggy on CL Website

William and Bill went to the JA - MRA football game last night. William had to wear his Saints football gear. This morning, Coach Troy saw this picture of Wiggy on the Clarion Ledger website.
The link is below...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Mary Phillips and John were able to come visit with us this summer. Here are a few pictures that Shelley and I can use for blackmail purposes when they are teenagers.

Rob and Emily's Wedding

Pictures from Rob and Emily's beautiful June wedding. :)

Rob and Emily's Wedding

Pictures from Rob and Emily's beautiful June wedding. :)

Conner Beth - Golfing Girl

Conner Beth continues to love playing golf. This summer has been so busy with her tournaments. In the spring, she was allowed to play on the JA Varsity Golf Team even though she was only in the 3rd grade. She won the very first tournament that was sanctioned for girls golf by the MPSA in Hattiesburg. This summer, she's won the MJGA State Tournament Girls 9 and under, Reunion Jr. Club Championship, finished in 2nd place in the US Kids Regional Qualifier, and in the Top 25 in the US Kids World Championship at Pinehurst, NC.

Wiggy - the little man!

William, who will turn 3 in December, has some how acquired the nickname of Wiggy! We think it's because Doe Doe and Mommy like to watch "Run's House" and one of the boys on the show is called Diggy (short somehow for Daniel) and Wiggy was just born one day out of silliness. However it came about; it has now stuck. William begins preschool on Thursday, August 21. We are working diligently on potty training - and with Nanny's help - it's going pretty well so far. Right now, his favorite things are: anything related to a ball, football pads/pants/helmet/jersey, Spiderman, legos, trucks, and dinosaurs. If you can't tell, he is ALL BOY! Here are a few pictures...we have trimmed his hair, just a little - but we just can't bear to cut all his curls off just yet. He likes to say "the curls get the girls." :)

Italy - Spring Break 2008

Bill and I went to Italy for Spring Break - and as our 10 year anniversary gift to one another. It was a fabulous trip - we arrived in Venice, then onto Florence (our favorite) and ended in Rome. We loved Florence and wished we could have spent more time there... the people were so friendly. We loved seeing the statue of David (even though before we went Bill asked 'David who?' when I made a reference to really wanting to see the statue of David by Michaelangelo before while we were in Florence). In Rome, it was amazing to see centuries old ruins - the Coliseum, the Vatican - all were incredible. Here are a few of our favorite pictures.

Hannah Montana

Conner Beth and Hannah Montana!

Conner Beth and several of her friends went to see the Hannah Montana concert in Memphis, TN - and then again, in New Orleans. We had a ball - girls and their mothers!

Our New House

In August, 2007, we began the process of building a new house in Reunion - a golf course community development in Madison, MS. We moved in March 1st and are loving our new space. Our builders - Trey Pace and Todd Sandridge - along with our architect, Tim Taylor, were wonderful - and actually helped Bill and I enjoy the process! Here are a few pictures of our new home...I need to get new ones since some of these are before we moved in.

Making Up for Lost Time

Hi Friends and Family - I've been a little out of the loop with this whole blogging craze...and decided tonight that I would create a place on the web to keep everyone updated on the goings and comings of life at the Ball house! We'll see how this works out... take care, -kameron