Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

These are the pictures on our Christmas card....we didn't get them in the mail on time. Oops! William - 4 years old Conner Beth - 11 years old McKay family photo - minus the Florida gang. Conner Beth was most excited about personalized notepads that Wendy and Kent gave her.
Gray and Cate Scott Brendle with Baby Will McKay in between them! Too cute!
The Hutchins with our kiddos.
This is as good as we get...
William's was thinking that Santa was probably already on his way...so who cares if he cries or pouts!
Even Colonel was in the spirit...
Betsy, Millie (the doggie), William and Conner Beth
Christmas Morning...
The Flurry Family
Sheila and Glen with Conner Beth and William, and Mary Phillips, John, and Gray Hollan

Oh What Fun...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone?

William's Birthday - Where did the time go? To quote my father, "it seems like just yesterday when I brought you home from the hospital..." I am terribly sorry for every single time that I rolled my eyes whenever Daddy said that...instead of realizing that one day I, too, would feel those pangs of mixed emotions - joy and saddness, pride and heartache... where has the time gone???? For those of you who really love me...walk with me down memory lane just a bit...and see how quickly our little man has grown up! William only a day old in the hospital - He still sleeps with his special blanket..and loves the bear that sister and Doe made for him at Build-A-Bear! and...still sucks his thumb...
He captured his sister's heart from the first day that we brought him home from the hospital...and still has her wrapped around his little finger. This morning, they both woke up early ... she gave him a Webkinz turtle - which he has named "Goofy" ... and some Dinosaur Silly Bandz.
On this day, 4 years ago..I came in our bedroom to find her whispering to him just like this...and caught it on camera. I think William has been our favorite Christmas gift ever...he was probably a week old in this picture.
3 months old..
** removed the naked pic thanks to my friends who were worried about showing wig's stuff online ** :)
First Easter...
With sister...
At two and 1/2
Those baby blues...
Last year's Christmas picture...
First black eye...playground accident!
Halloween - as Muscle Man
At McDonald's
Blowing out the candles on his cake.. 4 years old!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Super Hero Birthday Party

William is 4! This year, he wanted a Super Hero Birthday Party...and since he likes Superman and Spiderman and Batman .. and he couldn't decide between them - we decided to have a Super Hero School where our friends could learn how to be like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. We invited the boys in William's preschool class and our two next door neighbors...so we had 8 little boys in all. Each boy received a personalized super cape, mask, arm bands, and t-shirt. We had some fun games and activities, a wonderful cake thanks to DreamCakes, and tons of fun with our family and friends! Here are some highlights:
William's Grandmother painted this adorable Superman Sign for a cute photo op. Before the boys...
Loved his cake - the bottom layer is chocolate (his fave), top two layers were white, butter cream icing with a fondant Super William cape down the side.
The jumper was his big birthday gift from grandparents! Thank you ... thank you.. thank you.
This was the Kryptonite Catch game... we told the boys that Superman needs to be saved from Kryptonite...and the green balloons were suppose to represent Kryptonite...they had to fill their "lead bags" with Kryptonite in order to save Superman.
This activity was learning how to spin a web like Spiderman. The object was to hit the moving red balloon...but they had more fun aiming at William's sister, Conner Beth!
The Stolen Cake
As we got ready to sing Happy Birthday, two villians ran through the kitchen a "stole" our cake. (I had secretly moved the real cake into the laundry room and replaced it with this cardboard replica made by sister.) Then, we instructed the boys to save the party and the cake by stopping the villians with silly string! What fun! This was William's favorite part of the party - he had no idea it was going to happen.
Thanks to our villians - who are sweet girls in real life, Conner Beth and our neighbor, Megan.
Our birthday boy with the real cake! :)
Party favors - I painted little wood pegs from Hobby Lobby to look like those old fashioned Fisher Price guys. Each one has a Super Guy - personalized to look like the little boy attending the party...and then three other randoms imaginary super heroes.
Our party gang!

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