Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wiggy - the little man!

William, who will turn 3 in December, has some how acquired the nickname of Wiggy! We think it's because Doe Doe and Mommy like to watch "Run's House" and one of the boys on the show is called Diggy (short somehow for Daniel) and Wiggy was just born one day out of silliness. However it came about; it has now stuck. William begins preschool on Thursday, August 21. We are working diligently on potty training - and with Nanny's help - it's going pretty well so far. Right now, his favorite things are: anything related to a ball, football pads/pants/helmet/jersey, Spiderman, legos, trucks, and dinosaurs. If you can't tell, he is ALL BOY! Here are a few pictures...we have trimmed his hair, just a little - but we just can't bear to cut all his curls off just yet. He likes to say "the curls get the girls." :)

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