Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Magical Disney Vacation - Epcot

After going to DHS, we braved a trip to Epcot! Conner Beth really wanted to try fudge from different countries, and we knew that the Annual Flower and Garden Festival was taking place while we were there - so we wanted to see it! It was incredible. The flowers/greenery were unreal - alot like what we image the Rose Bowl Parade would be. They had made topiaries in the likeness of Disney characters and decorated every square inch of the park with beautiful flowers. We had a great time..but we were definitely dragging ourselves back to the room when it was over. Two parks in one day equals four exhausted Balls! A nice man took a rare family photo... The hillside behind the kids is completely made of pansies... The kids in Chinatown A Chinese dragon made from bromeliad plants... In Italy - with Lady and the Tramp Now in Morocco - you can't really see the beautiful tilework, but Conner Beth and I walked around to admire it all in the shops. It was gorgeous... Wiggy's favorite ride at Magic Kingdom was Peter Pan - so he was SO excited to see Peter and Captain Hook and the Gator made out of ivy. Daddy and kids with the famous Epcot ball... Mommy and kids..that's Pluto in the background

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