Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Magical Disney Vacation - Hollywood Studios

Our Sunday morning started at Disney Hollywood Studios. The best part of this day was that William became a Jedi in the Star Wars Jedi Training Academy (see pictures below) and that Conner Beth was selected out of the crowd to dance in the High School Musical 3 performance! Our little Jedi - Daddy and William stood in line for nearly an hour to make sure that William would be in the first 15 kids - b/c they only take 15 and all others have to watch. Wiggy was number 15, and Conner Beth was 16 - but she kindly gave up her spot to be the official videographer of William's ceremony. William with his Jedi Master receiving training in proper lightsaber maneuvers. William was on the front of the stage - great photo op. Enter - Darth Vadar... (imagine scary music here) William prepares for battle... His crowning moment... going up against the Dark Side... William used every move he's ever practiced against this evil villian. He didn't just keep it to the four moves the Jedi Master taught him... he was AWESOME! He may only be 42" tall...but it's 42" of pure intimidation! Receiving his final instructions into becoming a Jedi... The official certificate ceremony... The Little Mermaid...a wonderful show. After The Little Mermaid, we watched the High School Musical 3 in the center forum area... We got a great front row seat..and little did we know, Conner Beth would be selected to DANCE! Here she is... today, DHS - tomorrow, Dancing with the Stars! One of the family's favorite rides - Toy Story Mania...

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