Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Magical Disney Vacation - Souvenirs

Our souvenirs from the trip were one of the kids most exciting parts of the trip... Conner Beth made this a fun time by starting a trading pin collection. For 10 years, Disney lovers have engaged in a fun experience of pin trading. Conner Beth started at Downtown Disney by using her own money to purchase a set of 7 trading pins. The nice Cast Member, Sammi, advised her on purchasing a pirates set - because she didn't like them AT ALL..and that way it would be much easier to trade them the next day at the park. We bought her a lanyard to wear the pins on..and Disney did the rest. It was really cool. Almost all of the Cast Members on Disney property wear either lanyards or pin bags - and they all trade with kids. The kid picks the pin they would like to trade for and then they exchange. She had so much fun. She ended up with 18 trading pins...after purchasing several more. You can see her lanyard in the photo below and her special trading pin, which we took to the Disney Christmas Store and had it engraved with her name. Conner Beth's personalized Disney pin Big surprise here - William's souvenir was a Mickey Mouse lightsaber. We tried to talk him into building his own lightsaber (which costs $20) but you get to make it and personalize it with different things. But he was set on this $5 Mickey Mouse of course, that's what he ended up with. As we waited for the bus back to our room, this really nice (cheesy) Cast Member played with William...he had a light stick, too! :)

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